If You’re Not Already Listening To DJ Carlo Ratto, You’d Better Start Now

DJ Carlo Ratto’s latest release, “Talking to you”, is a call to arms, a declaration that demands attention. Bouncing off the walls with a tightly-wound reverb, colossal rolling kick drums bring a dense dominance to the release. With clapping, splintering-style beats and an ever-evolving rhythm, the heavy synth melody then mutates into full-blown progressive techno, sure to gust the speakers off when dialed up to ten. Ratto is an Italian DJ who is quickly making a name for himself in the techno scene. His tracks are instigating and energetic, sure to get any party started. If you’re looking for a new favorite DJ, be sure to check out Carlo Ratto.

With soaring piano chords, smooth and catchy vocals and powerful, beautiful violin drops, the latest drop by Carlo Ratto is the perfect match for any radio station or festival mainstage out there. The mellow and yet powerful electro-pop sound is guaranteed to get people dancing, while the anthemic chorus will stay in their heads long after the song is over. It’s the perfect summer hit, and it’s sure to make waves on the charts.

If you’re looking for an artist who knows how to get a party started, look no further than Ratto. This DJ has been making a name for himself with his high-energy sets and carefully curated tracks. Whether he’s playing at a club or scratch live during a set, Ratto always brings the heat. So, if you haven’t already started listening to his music, what are you waiting for? Get on board the Ratto train and enjoy the ride.

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