Jelly Roll Joined Limp Bizkit For a Surprise Cover of Who Classic at Welcome to Rockville Fest

Limp Bizkit have been playing their unique version of the Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” during live shows since including the 1971 Who’s Next classic on their 2003 Results May Vary album. On Friday night at the Welcome to Rockville Festival at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, Fred Durst and company roped in some help to tackle the cover during their headlining set.

After orange bucket hat-wearing singer/rapper Durst crooned the opening verses of “Eyes” along with the crowd, he asked them, “you feel me?” and then pleaded with the audience to help him find “an angel” to save them. “I need you guys to help me pray right now. Pray for an angel. I need an angel. I need an angel to come out here and save me,” Durst said. “I mean anything. Drop something from the sky. I don’t care what it is, just come out here please sweet angel. Come out here and save your brother Freddy D!”

After a few more pleas to “save me,” Jelly Roll appeared on stage, waving his cowboy hat at the stunned crowd as the “Save Me” singer drawled out a verse of the song over the spare acoustic guitar arrangement. Durst interjected, “ladies and gentlemen, the angel has came!,” before the two men then sang the final “behind blue eyes” refrain together and hugged it out center stage.

Bizkit’s version of “Behind Blue Eyes” peaked at No. 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 2004.

In a video posted over the weekend, Jelly was seen hanging out with Durst backstage, with the Bizkit boss saying, “Every once in a while you get blessed and you run into an angel,” as the camera pivoted to Jelly, who added, “an oversized one, baby, in a black ball cap like Johnny Cash!”

Check out video of Durst and Jelly backstage and onstage.

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